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01-Aug-2017 19:39

He also, as always, teased me about (and mimicked) the high voice I do for Ratso, the puppet cohost of Chic-a-Go-Go.So on my last afternoon with Herbie Baby, I got to hear him talk in falsetto like a child and unleash some adult shit that made my puppet blush.To me it's like they are comparing a girl they are in love with to heaven. On the evening of Saturday, October 22, fresh off his weekly Wake-Up Club radio show and just hours before heading back downtown to do his Sunday-afternoon program on WVAZ, the immortal Herb Kent proved to be mortal.From the cradle to the grave, Herb Kent was, and continues to be, radio's Greatest of All Time.This site is dedicated to the preservation of the Eastside Sound and the music of the East Los Angeles area. If you are a copyright owner & wish to have something removed please let me know.

If you didn't like hearing Kent banter and flirt and joke between songs, then enjoy your Spotify, because you don't like radio.I heard this song a few weeks back that was on the Art Laboe show.I thought they said the song was called Heaven but I cannot find it. It's a long song that's by a group done possibly in the 90's or early 00's. Like fellow superveteran Art Laboe, who started marketing pop songs as "oldies" in 1959, Kent began spinning relatively recent R&B records as "dusties" during his stint at Harvey-based WBEE in the 50s.

Unlike Laboe, whose dedication-heavy show charmed me every night when I lived in Los Angeles a few years back, Kent had a magically seductive vocal timbre, an impossibly smooth persona, and a wicked sense of humor that never dulled.I am looking for contributors who wish to share their music, memories and memorabilia. This site is soley for historical & educational purposes and for listening pleasure & geared toward the record collector.