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Images allow the trees to have meaning beyond that of just relationships. Between us, we have been researching our common Amdur roots for nearly 50 years.

That would have defeated the purpose of distinguishing one from the other.

This Web site has been designed to share all of that information.

We hope that Amdurs everywhere will find their families here and will add information to it, in the process enriching everyone’s knowledge.

Because Russian names traditionally include patronymics (the father’s given names) as well, we also learn the name of earlier generations.

From this, we clearly track back to someone named Elyakim who probably was born circa 1735. The 1755 Indura census lists (enumerates) two men with that name, most likely cousins.

About the Amdurs All of the Amdurs we have found to date appear to belong to one of three seemingly disparate branches.