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17-Oct-2017 04:15

There are even those who would bet on average-looking guys, because they look like they’re willing to work to enhance their skills in bed.

This type of pre-judging paves the way for a boatload of disappointment when you and your date finally get each other’s clothes off.

[Read: 11 ways to know you’re dating a real gentleman] #4 He walks confidently and naturally.

A man who is sure of himself usually walks, not with swag, but with self-assurance.

These types of guys adhere to the adage, “Ladies first.” He won’t allow himself to finish knowing that a girl hasn’t achieved an orgasm yet.

Not only that, gentlemen are more likely to make women feel empowered and taken care of because of their penchant for avoiding offense.

Not all guys are the same, so you will have to look deeper into their actions and attitudes.

Does their personality and attitude tell you anything?

If a man has had enough sexual experiences, he probably knows exactly what to do and how to do it without doubting his abilities. Good kissers know how to move their mouths and bodies with their partner’s.

Some guys aren’t even conscious of a woman’s needs. Some people will tell you not to trust a guy who looks too good to be good in bed.

Those people probably think that good-looking guys don’t bother honing their skills, because they can get almost any girl they want.

Unless you ask the last few girls they slept with, you can never know how a guy really is in bed.

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You can assume the best of them when they treat you well, but that is not the only precursor to their prowess in the sack.How will you know if a guy is going to be good in bed?

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