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Computer source code in ALGOL and Fortran followed.

In 1986, the code became available on floppy disk, and later on the Web.

IRI used (and still has an option to use) an ITU-R-model that had been developed in respect to radio propagation via the ionosphere, specifying two parameters of which one is narrowly related to the peak electron density and the other to the peak altitude of the ionosphere. The IRI model specifies vertical profiles of electron density, electron and ion temperature, and the relative percentage of several different positive ions.

Both have been and are regularly determined from ionograms at all ionospheric sounding stations. Vertical total electron content (TEC) may be derived.

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The second week will be a regular International Reference Ionosphere (IRI) Workshop and provide the CBW attendees with an opportunity to learn the latest developments in IRI modelling and regarding the development of a Real-Time IRI model.

A sample image showing the relative magnitude of the total electron content (TEC) of the ionosphere, as calculated by the IRI 2007.

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