Messaging sex online

05-Jul-2017 02:55

Thanks Charged You need Flash to listen to this file. Dave Pike North Carolina, United States I have only just begun cd audio for willpower series.I have been experiencing a very subtle but definte change as I am getting more done than usual.And ever since, brands have purposely linked themselves to suggestive (or downright blatant) sexual imagery in the search for new customers. Popular men's magazines like Maxim and FHM have experimented often with their covers.In particular, alcohol, fashion, perfume and car advertisements have created strong links with sex. Overwhelmingly, when a sexy, semi-naked woman appears on the cover, it outperforms an image of a male star, even if that star is someone men want to read about. And if your ad creates a sexual situation, it will get the desired response.Unlike Super Bowl ads of the past, which featured the "twins," Paris Hilton eating a burger, and other sexual imagery, this year was much more grown up.

The focus has gone from titillation to something far more serious.When ads are more sexually provocative, men in particular are irresistibly drawn to them. However, that doesn't mean it can sell anything. There's a fine line, and all too often these days brands are stepping way over it.Consumers are human, they will respond, but they're also smart, well-educated people who will soon realize that they're being manipulated.I go easily from one project to the next and keep going with fewer lags and confusing pit stops.

I am seemingly more focused and getting more done in less amount of time. Katerine Carrasco San Francisco, United States I wanted to see what this whole subliminal thing was all about, so I bought your CDs because I knew I could get my money back anyways. How would you feel if I told you it was all possible? Unleash The Power Of Your Subconscious And Give Yourself That Edge Too!

When I found your website I was happy to see that I could purchase several audio tracks for a fraction of the cost of these other programs.

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