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14-Sep-2017 18:54

But we met girls who still work on the streets and believe in the agreements they made.

Some of them have to repay debts of up to ,000 and are still terrified of the powerful consequences of Juju on their families and themselves.

Every year tens of thousands of West Africans migrate to Europe in search of a better life.

But for some of them that search will end in tragedy, as they fall victim to competing mafia gangs that prey on the hopes of the desperate.

They work with "brothers", men who are in charge of physically trafficking the "babies", as girls forced into prostitution are called.

But Nigerian human trafficking is often associated with drug smuggling and a distorted use of religious tradition.

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"Nigerian criminals are able to find agreements with all the mafias, from Colombians to Chinese.Evangelical Christian pastors have been involved too.

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