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When no British hall would book the Pistols, the group went abroad — to the continental Europe in July and to the U. Rotten was characteristically critical of the sensationalism and opportunism that had been attached to the Pistols (for which he blamed Mc Laren), and on January 14, 1978, immediately after a concert in San Francisco, he announced the breakup of the group.

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The Sex Pistols, uncharacteristically "professional" onstage, nonetheless attacked the old repertoire with a fury. In May Virgin signed the Pistols and released their second single, "God Save the Queen," timed to coincide with the Queen's Silver Jubilee that June.The song was immediately banned from airplay in England.While the Sex Pistols were not the first punk rockers (that distinction probably goes to the Stooges), they were the most widely identified with the genre — and, to appearances, the most threatening.

unquestionably ranks as one of the most important rock & roll records ever, its sound a raw, snarling, yet mesmerizing rejection of and challenge to not only rock & roll music and culture but a modern world that offered, as Rotten sang in "God Save the Queen," "no future." The Sex Pistols were the brainchild of young entrepreneur Malcolm Mc Laren.The owner of a London clothes boutique, Sex, which specialized in "anti-fashion," Mc Laren had conceived the idea of a rock & roll act that would challenge every established notion of propriety when, in 1975, he found himself managing the New York Dolls in their final months as a group.

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