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But Uruguay has continued to produce great players, and has never, ever been a soft touch.Fortunately, a group of friends has been formed who participate regularly and help to sustain the Sangha this space week after week.Uruguay is thought to have around 150,000 regular consumers of cannabis, roughly 5 per cent of the population, representing an annual market worth around £50m.

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Because I already knew Spanish before coming to South America, I don’t remember having too many concerns before moving overseas.Had I been going to a country where I didn’t speak the language, I know I would have been more concerned with finding housing, using transportation, or communicating with locals! Beautifull and gorgious they are eager to talk with someone like you.The highest point in the country is the Cerro Catedral (Mount Cathedral) at 1,685 feet (514 meters).

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Prominent bodies of water mark its limits on the east, south, and west, and even most of the boundary with Brazil follows small rivers.

The landscape features mostly rolling plains and low hill ranges (cuchillas) with a fertile coastal lowland, most of it grassland, ideal for cattle and sheep raising.“Uruguayan football is a miracle”, my guide Nacho tells me, “we have less than three and a half million people and 15 Copas América – more than any other country – two Olympic titles, two World Cups…